KSA-UAE Tensions: Oil, Trade, TV

GCC Flag, Jazan (Saudi Arabia), 2019 [Author Photo] Once again, Twitter and the occasional statement to international media has offered evidence of some below-the-surface tensions between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as documented on this site with respect to the conflict in Yemen back in 2019. Following up on those posts, I'll put … Continue reading KSA-UAE Tensions: Oil, Trade, TV

March-April 2021: Yemen Peace Proposal and More

Sun over the plains of 'Asir, Saudi Arabia Been a while since I've posted, so just slowly pulling together a few articles on topics of interest. To be updated periodically, leave a comment if there's something you'd like to see covered. Yemen A fair number of op-eds towards the end of March briefly discussed the … Continue reading March-April 2021: Yemen Peace Proposal and More

Media Reactions – 25 Days of Biden

Below is a quick review of recent Saudi media reactions thus far to US policies towards Saudi Arabia and a number of regional issues - including a summary of main narratives, a note on what Biden administration policy seems to be, and quotes from some of the more prominent commentators (especially Abdelrahman al-Rashed, for reasons … Continue reading Media Reactions – 25 Days of Biden

43 Months of Qatar Crisis Op-eds

Looking back at 43 months of articles on the Qatar Crisis from Al-Sharq al-Aawsat's Abdelrahman al-Rashed, a few quick takeaways (and, if you scroll down, all the articles in question - see previous post on the Deal of the Century for a similar review). As I find the time, I'll try to add a few … Continue reading 43 Months of Qatar Crisis Op-eds