Bridging the Gap(s)? (Updated 9/1)

UAE pilot, US-UAE joint exercises, 2012: Air Combat Command The anti-Houthi coalition has witnessed layers of recriminations over the past couple of weeks: the STC accusing the UN-recognized Hadi government as corrupt and incompetent, thereby justifying the STC’s takeover in the Souththe Hadi government accusing the STC and the UAE of acting in concert to … Continue reading Bridging the Gap(s)? (Updated 9/1)

KSA-UAE: Yemen, Hadi and the STC (8/23-25)

Saudi Arabia and the UAE A range of reporting and analysis (Tim Lister for CNN, Alex Stark at FP, Taylor Luck for CSM) has focused on the mounting tensions in the UAE-Saudi coalition to restore Yemen’s UN-recognized government to power. Efforts by the UAE-trained and –backed Southern Transitional Council to seize power in Southern Yemen … Continue reading KSA-UAE: Yemen, Hadi and the STC (8/23-25)