Aden and the STC: 3 Views

Saudi forces on patrol in Aden, 2015. Ahmed Farwan Three recent op-eds in three separate Saudi papers (Okaz, Al-Sharq al-Aawsat, Al-Jazirah) on recent developments in Aden. Events in Aden – why now? Perhaps the events in Aden were linked to the reports of behind-the-scenes efforts underway to reach international understandings aimed at reigning in some … Continue reading Aden and the STC: 3 Views

UAE/Yemen in Saudi Papers (July 8-Aug. 8)

Still playing around with this blog - for now, I'll just be posting collections of articles on specific topics. Saudi soldier from the First Brigade Airborne near to Emirates soldier (saudi88hawk, Wikimedia) It has been about a month since Emirati officials confirmed the UAE’s “drawdown” from war in Yemen, following initial reports by Reuters based … Continue reading UAE/Yemen in Saudi Papers (July 8-Aug. 8)