Bridging the Gap(s)? (Updated 9/1)

UAE pilot, US-UAE joint exercises, 2012: Air Combat Command The anti-Houthi coalition has witnessed layers of recriminations over the past couple of weeks: the STC accusing the UN-recognized Hadi government as corrupt and incompetent, thereby justifying the STC’s takeover in the Souththe Hadi government accusing the STC and the UAE of acting in concert to … Continue reading Bridging the Gap(s)? (Updated 9/1)

KSA-UAE: Yemen, Hadi and the STC (8/23-25)

Saudi Arabia and the UAE A range of reporting and analysis (Tim Lister for CNN, Alex Stark at FP, Taylor Luck for CSM) has focused on the mounting tensions in the UAE-Saudi coalition to restore Yemen’s UN-recognized government to power. Efforts by the UAE-trained and –backed Southern Transitional Council to seize power in Southern Yemen … Continue reading KSA-UAE: Yemen, Hadi and the STC (8/23-25)

KSA Papers: 6.22-6.29, 2019

Iranian Air Forces renew their pledge of allegiance with Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. 2017, UN Report on the Death of Jamal Khashoggi "What is always happens is that the hostile media has its material ready and its agenda set, as in the case of the report of the UN Rapporteur on Wednesday. The … Continue reading KSA Papers: 6.22-6.29, 2019